How to Host Your Own Paint Party

Looking to make your next event a bit more creative? You're in the right place!  Paint Parties are easy to plan and set up, affordable and fun for everyone! Great for company retreats, kid's parties, bachelorette parties, date nights, seniors and beginners. Makes an excellent birthday/anniversary/wedding gift. Best of all, you don’t need high level art skills to create your own masterpiece or make amazing memories. 

Here is our guide to hosting your own paint party. Read on to learn our tips for planning, hosting, painting, supplies and managing logistics. 

Step 1

Find a (physical) venue or location for your paint party. You can also host your paint party virtually online using one of many services like Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, Microsoft Meetings or go live on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. 

smiling paint and sip party participants having fun

Things to consider:

- Make sure there is enough space for all your painters to sit comfortably at their canvas

- Access to sink or cleanup stations. If your party is outdoors create plan for cleaning up. 

-Lighting. No one like to paint in too low light! Make sure the space is well lit. 

Step 2

Choose your painting design. We offer kits customized and pre drawn with your own images or blank kits for you to create your own design. Paint on canvas, tote bags or watercolor paper. 

Ideas for images: Flowers/landscapes, Friends/family, Pets/animals, Text based (quotes), Flowers/landscapes, Favorite teams/characters, etc..

paint and sip party

Step 3

Gather your supplies:



Table cloths or covers

Table Easels

Pre-drawn or Blank Canvases or canvas boards ( or our tote bags!) 

Brushes (flats and rounds) 

Paints (We recommend acrylic paint) 

Palette (For mixing color)

Paper towel or rags ( for drying brushes and clean up)

Water cups (for cleaning brushes) 

Aprons (to protect clothing, disposable plastic ones work great!) 

Hair dryer or Fan (to expedite drying so guest don't have to handle a wet painting) 

Food & Drink Options


Mic & Speaker for the host, if your event is in an environment where more volume may be necessary. 

Step 4

Find or Choose a host. Our kits are designed to be intuitive with painting, but they also come with access to our tutorials and painting tips. We also offer virtual paint party hosting for a flat rate of $49 per hour via Zoom, and free monthly sessions via Instagram Live inquire through our Contact Us page. 

Step 5

Create schedule & Invitation

Most sip and paint sessions last about 2 hours. That gives guests time to get settled, socialize, and eat/ drink while leisurely painting. 

 Other considerations:

-If you are using our paint party kits please order at least a week in advance to give enough time for processing and shipping.

-If doing a virtual event or using a host, test out your internet connection, devices, video and audio beforehand to prevent any tech mishaps. 

-Setup a painting station for guest with all their supplies. 

Have fun and take lots of pictures and video!!!

Happy Painting from The Paint Party Shop